Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Years 2013 Dresses

Sequin dresses are super popular this year as they are all about glamor and the best thing about glitter is that it can definitely take you out of the crowd although the design of the dress is kept simple. Dresses that feature heavy sequins or eye catching embellishments are super popular and they can be found featuring various patterns, meaning you can definitely find one that suits your personality.

Emerald, royal blue, black, gold, white as well as purple, red and nude are super popular colors to go for this New Year's Eve, so pick the colored sequin dress that suits your style best.

 The form fitting dress is definitely a dress to consider if you have a great body and want to show it off. This type of dress moulds after the body's feminine forms and attracts a generous amount of attention. Choose a form fitting dress that is not too short as this way you'll reveal way too much, so try to keep the dress just over or above the knees.

Winter 2013 Dresses

The brighter, the better' seems to say the latest collection.There is a wide range of sugary details and embellishments characterizing the collections which will undoubtedly bring a smile on your face. Adorable collars, ribbons, bows, lace, ruffles and alluring embroideries, but also a versatile color palette flawlessly hug those dreamy silhouettes. Amidst an array of dainty items you can also find some chic work-to-evening-wear like tailored pants, smart shirts and cozy coats.

 With winter just around the corner you should begin looking for a cozy, stylish coat. Forget gloomy grays and blacks and go for bright and lively colors. You can also inject some fun into your fall wardrobe with a playful poncho. And since the boyish tailoring is so hot this season, choosing a pair of Chinos pants would be a smart thing to do. Besides, why not opt for a military-inspired jacket or for the traveler approach with vintage details and neo-grunge softness? For those who are more into the practical side of fashion, the already classic jeans and simple t-shirt combination is the saving ticket.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zara Boots 2013

What's hot right now? Well, there are loads of seriously cool pieces hitting the web lately and Zara is definitely one great source. The Spanish brand's newest collection is packed full with fashion-forward goodies that can see us through the cold-weather season in style. So, what about you pretty dolls? Have you already managed to stock up on the perfect autumnal essentials?

 If you're still hunting, you should check out Zara's winter lookbooks and you'll discover some pretty voguish ideas! It's time to seriously start thinking about your wardrobe for when unfriendly temperatures arrive. This season, make the most of your styling and turn heads daring unique combinations! Trust us, you're going to be completely hooked by all the fab offerings coming from the famous retailer. Zara is in fact a constant provider of all-things-trendy, versatile and wearable!

Zara Coats Fall Winter 2013

When it comes to to-die-for yet practical and budget-friendly pieces, Zara is undoubtedly one of fashionistas' top choices. The worldwide renowned retailer seems to be an endless source of statement-making goods for every girl eager to shun all sartorial stereotypes and win the spotlight. So, if you're searching for some wow-worthy ideas for your cold season combos, check out the latest Zara Winter 2012 2013 lookbook!

Satisfy all your fashion cravings snapping up some hot picks from the brand's fall/winter collection! Think waistcoats, asymmetric t-shirts, crisp white shirts, pants with studded waistband, jacquard pants, embroidered sweatshirts, peplum lace tops, jumpsuits, sexy dresses, military-inspired coats, and covetable accessories to complete your outfits! Regardless your style, Zara has you covered! Have a nosey at their stunners, choose your favs and get ready to stand out!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zara Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013

Zara Shoes Fall Winter 2012 2013

If there is one undeniable truth when it comes to a girl's sartorial need is that she can never have too many pairs of shoes. That's a fact! And Zara seems to totally understand this and brings, once again, a gazillion of to-die-for goodies, able to satisfy all our cravings. From comfy flats and sexy heels to cozy boots, the famous Spanish retailer has us covered this season. And boy oh boy, our hearts skipped a beat seeing all those gorgeous shoes that invite us to grab them and start flaunting our fashion credentials. Having doubts? Just have a nosey and see it for yourself!

Fringes? Checked! Studs? Checked! Animal prints? Checked! Brights? Checked! Neutrals? Checked! Okay, Zara's designs definitely make our knees grow weak! So, whatever your style and desires, the brand has the perfect foot-friendly answer to see you through the chilly season.

Zara Fall Winter 2013 Collection

Zara Fall Winter 2013 Collection

 Zara has just released fall winter collection! And boy oh boy, there are some seriously cool goodies in the Spanish retailer's new collection. So, if you are on the hunt for the right wardrobe update, you should definitely check out Zara's offerings. Besides, the brand's catalog is a great source of inspiration and you can discover an array of sartorial ideas for your autumnal styling. From effortlessly chic to slightly opulent, the line meets all our needs!

Long known for its super duper modern designs, Zara brings once again a wearable and oh-so-hip collection packed full with enviable pieces. Now, you have no reason whatsoever to sacrifice style over comfort. Just have a nosey at these to-die-for beauties, refresh your closet and add interest to your fall ensembles! And by the way, some of these stunners are perfect transitional items!

You can find vintage ripped jeans, contrast shirts, dresses, woolen coats, beaded and sequinned jackets, basic t-shirts, plush hoodies, denim jeggings, embroidered skirts, velour jumpers with elbow patches, cropped pants, and oversized waistcoats. Take a sneak peek and have fun putting together attention-grabbing ensembles! We're totally hooked by the relaxed yet chic vibe of this line!